UVC disinfection systems

Research has long demonstrated the antibacterial effectiveness of light, especially the so-called UVC, emitted at short wavelengths. It turns out that, depending on the aim, some wavelengths are more effective than others. Tecme offers the right solution and technology for each specific need.


Aisi 316 reactor, equipped with manual or automatic cleaning on request. The automatic power adjustment where required to reduce power consumption is available. Electronic control system with dynamic power regulation and consequent reduction of power consumption.

  • Reactor material: AISI 316 L with removable head rim
  • Flow rates: from 10 to 354 m3/h
  • Pressure: 8 bar
  • Minimum dosage at the end of the useful life of the lamp: 400 j/m2 with a transmittance of 95%
  • Length (mm.) : SHORT 990 – PLUS 1,290 – H 1,725
  • Models: Basic and Complete with electronic control and MODBUS Communication sensors
  • Features available: Manual and automatic cleaning of quartz

HP Series

HP series with medium pressure technology for the reduction of undesirable chlorine compounds in swimming pools and for photochemical treatments in production processes. High power electronic ballasts to regulate the dose of UVC radiation. Special lamps with different wavelengths for various industrial processes.

HP Series technical specifications

Flow rates (mc/h) From 40 to 1000
Pressure (bar) 6
Transmittance 70% to 98%
Radiation sensor YES
Temperature sensor YES
Supply voltage 230 Vac 50 Hz Three-phase
Total potential (kW) From 1.0 to 13
Flanged couplings From DN 65 to DN 500
Total length From 300 to 1100 mm


  • Water treatment for swimming pools
  • Drinking water debacterisation
  • Water treatment for industrial use

UV LED series

System with dynamic power control. Only activated by the water flow to be treated. Compact design and environmentally friendly technology. 12 or 24 Vdc power supply available for areas not reached by the power grid.

  • Flow rates: up to 3 m3/h
  • Pressure: 8 bar
  • Minimum dosage at the end of the useful life of the lamp: 400 J/m2 with a transmittance of 98%
  • Dimensions (mm): 175 x 154 x h. 157 mm
  • Power supply: 110/240 Vac or 12/24 Vdc

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